• Survey design and analysis

  • Depth interviewing, focus groups and other qualitative approaches

  • Participatory action research methods

  • Analysis of administrative, financial and program data

  • Policy analysis and evidence reviews  

  • Engagement of hard-to-reach and vulnerable communities

  • Design of monitoring and evaluation frameworks

  • Outcome mapping and development of logic models

  • Mixed method, experimental and non-experimental designs

  • Process, outcome and economic evaluation

  • Evaluation feasibility and needs assessment

  • Development of evaluation plans and briefs

  • Group process for needs analysis and evidence reviews

  • Stakeholder and group engagement in strategy development and refinement

  • User-centred service design and re-design 

  • Facilitation of interactive workshops and meetings

Rooftop Social will help you strengthen and use your evidence base
to address complex problems in your community. 

Capacity building
  • Group training (from 1 hour sessions to 2 day courses)

  • Ad hoc methodological advice or technical support

  • On-the-job coaching and mentoring

  • Independent advice and peer review

  • Development, delivery and review of capacity building programs in evaluation and research