Margaret MacDonald



Margaret is a leadership, public policy and evaluation consultant. Her perspectives are informed by a diverse career as an executive in government and non-government settings and many years as a management consultant.


Margaret has extensive experience in evaluation, research and policy development for Australian and state governments and across a range of national strategies. She has deep experience in the health and community services sectors, including Indigenous affairs, and is particularly interested in policy development, program design and evaluation of programs which are trying to achieve complex social objectives.


She has had responsibility for strategic policy and program design and program implementation in a number of government agencies, NGOs and private sector agencies, with leadership and senior management roles in education and health.


She is also an experienced facilitator, coach and educator, with a particular focus on developing business and personal success strategies.


Her qualifications include a Master’s in Public Health (with majors in research, policy, evaluation and economic evaluation), Graduate Diplomas in Education and Librarianship, a BA and internationally accredited qualifications in Metadynamics, NLP and DSR.


Recent projects with Rooftop Social

  • Evaluation of an e-learning trial for the staff training component of the Tackling Tobacco program, for Cancer Council NSW